We are specializing in producing microfiber towels!Including drying towel, wax towel, polishing towel, glass towel, detailing towel, gloves, sponge pad and etc.

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The Material for the towel

The material of our towels is 80% polyester and 20% nylon. If you need to customize other materials, you can contact us. We can provide customization of different materials.

Can the color be customized?

Our towels can be customized in color. If the minimum order quantity is met, any color can be customized for free. If the minimum order quantity is not met, a certain fee will be charged.

General Hot Selling Products

Car care towels are currently the mainstream. We produce all popular styles and support customization.

Double-layer twisted cloth towel

The double-layer twisted towel has strong water absorption and a large water absorption capacity. One 50*80cm towel can absorb all the water of car surface. It has strong adsorption capacity and does not damage car paint. It is the first choice for absorbent towels.

High pile & low pile car towels

High and low pile towels are multi-functional towels that can achieve multiple functions, such as crystal plating, wax collection, water collection and other functions, lint-free and long lasting.

Multifunctional gloves

Multifunctional gloves allow a variety of different towels to be combined together, and different towels can be used for different purposes, making it convenient for users.

What is the stain removal ability of towels?

Coral velvet towels have strong adsorption capacity and can absorb all impurities without damaging the car paint.

What are the factors that affectthe service life of towels

After using it by many people, I made the following summary.

Sample time and delivery time

Proofing time is within a week, and bulk delivery time depends on the order quantity, usually 10-15 days.

The Basic Knowledge About car care towel

Our blog will update towel-related knowledge and information from time to time, so stay tuned.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a kind of textile raw material, usually made of 70-85 polyester (polyester fiber) and 30-15 nylon (polyamide fiber) blended into fabrics. This combination is to achieve better water absorption performance . As for

Why ChooseYIYANG

YIYANG car care towel factory, We are specializing in producing microfiber towels!

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We are specializing in producing microfiber towels, including drying towel, wax towel, polishing towel, glass towel, detailing towel, gloves, sponge pad, car organizer in the trunk and etc.We accept OEM and ODM. 

  1. More than 12 years experience
  2. We have two factories which passed sedex factory inspection
  3. Produce more than 50 millions towels every year
  4. Low Moq and Quick Delivery


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