Yiyang has more than ten years of experience in the production of car towels. It is committed to the car detailing and specializes in the production of car car towels for various needs. we understand that the cornerstone of your business is the quality of the products you offer. That’s why we’re dedicated to manufacturing premium towels, that not only meet but exceed your expectations, our advanced acupuncture production technology ensures every piece we create embodies perfection.

Who We Are

Car care towel manufacturer

We are specializing in producing microfiber towels!

We can help you solve all kinds of towel needs.

Our Factory

Workshop production video

We have advanced equipment such as fully automatic edge overlay machines, ultrasonic automatic edge trimming machines, and fully automatic cutting machines, ensuring good production capacity.


Process Display

Fabric workshop

After the fabrics are returned from the dyeing factory, they are neatly coded and ready for cutting.

Fabric cutting

Automatic spread cutting machine to ensure the size of each product.

Production workshop

Control every process and perform their duties.

Packaging workshop

Quality inspection and packaging, every process ensures product quality.

Finished product workshop

Packaging completed, boxed and ready for shipment.

Logistics and transportation

Professional transportation team to ensure the safety of logistics

Our Capability

Why choose us

 More than 12 years experience

 We have two factories which passed sedex
 factory inspection

 Produce more than 5 millions towels every year

 Supporting more than 300 brands

 Full-range of certifications

 Low Moq and Quick Delivery

 Professional production running system and 150 skilled happy workers

Wait, Don't Go Yet!

We can provide you with free samples!

Are you sure you want to miss out on the opportunity to enhance your product line with our top-quality car wash towels? At Yiyang, we specialize in providing the highest standard of towels tailored to meet the rigorous demands of automotive care.

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